Thursday, February 12, 2009

A day in UNILAG

Sometime this week,I found myself in Unilag where I would say millions(not an exaggeration) of young graduates all over Nigeria gathered together to write a recruitment test into one of the banks in Nigeria.I was impressed with the organisation of the test but I just kept wondering why they had invited so many of us when we all know that only a few people were going to be eventually picked or get to work with them especially those that have the right connections.It's all about having the right 'connections' in Nigeria now.

Anyway, after the test,I decided to take time off to check out Unilag.I ended up not going anywhere else than their SUB.I was a little bit disappointed because there was nothing spectacular about the school.Maybe I was disappointed because of the 'hype' that we all know Unilag has come to be asssociated with.To me,there wasn't enough space for a school enviroment and most of the guys seem to be girl-freaks.Their food at the SUB was okay but a bit expensive.I didn't really see anybody 'forming' with their food.All the people I saw ate their food like normal students.

The icing on the cake for me at Unilag was meeting a particular blogger.We had been exchanging messages about meeting on wednesday when 'yeye' Aloofaa put up one post that almost made me change my mind.The blogger is cute and we actually spent some time talking even though I spent half of the time trying to relate the blogger with the writings on the blogger's blog.I'm really beginning to enjoy what blogville has to offer.I'm not a fan of being anonymous!

Hey,saw 'exschoolnerd' too.I didn't allow her to see me o but I was watching her 'nerd' moves.She ...(actually promised her I wouldn't tell).I probably wasn't prepared to meet two bloggers in a single day even though I met her at the SBR.I wonder what I would have done if I had seen 'charizard' in his new 'club boy' aura.

I think I should dedicate this post to the cute blogger I met in Unilag.Why not?

...,this is for you!


exschoolnerd said...

so u were among those people causing hold-up in school..mcheeew!!!

lol..b4 nko.we no go chop like normal students.. na wa for una wey go see person n no de holler... u go con dey tell me later..mcheeeeeew!!!!!!

yeah deres nothing spectacular bout lag...even i can say that.

Buttercup said...

im going to guess this cute blogger is rayo??

hope the test went well??

rayo said...

o.k so Buttercup dearie i'm sure i'm not the only blogger (cute blogger?) in lag sha...
either way musco, the cute blogger says to tell u thanks 4 dedicating the post to her, or him? ;)

Parrot said...

musco wu be d chic? hahah


who was it? Spill...

Buttercup said...

bros how far na???


you still haven't updated? Hope all is well

sukkilala said...

This post is surely about that cute blogger you met. A way to seal the deal. Musco I lie? How you dey?

Miss Kikky said...

Yeah there is nothing so cute about unilag but I must say you get your bearings there. Food in SUB is like very cheap and not all lag people form and when it comes to food, no body sends...all the best in your job hunt

Buttercup said...

nawa o..

miz-cynic said...

musco.werin dey?

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